The water fed pole system is a fairly new method of cleaning windows but before your windows can be cleaned by this method there is a process which has to be followed. First of all normal tap water is purified through a deionising vessel which contains resin. The water is passed through this vessel and purified. The water is then stored in a tank in the back of the van. Once at a premise, a pump is used to pump the water from the tank to the hosereel which is then connected to a water fed pole and brush. The water can be pumped up to any height and is used to clean your windows.

The method for cleaning involves the brush on the end of the pole doing the majority of work by scrubbing around all the frames and glass. This method will loosen all the dirt on the glass and is then rinsed down once scrubbing is finished. The rinse down will leave 100% purified water on your glass which is then left to dry in naturally. Since the water is purified without any impurities it leaves a streak free finish as well as clean, shiny frames.

There are many benefits to cleaning windows this way as opposed to the traditional method of using a sponge applicator and squeegee, whereby one puts the soapy water on and one takes it off.


The high-reach water fed poles means we no longer need ladders, and complies with new Health & Safety regulations and working at height directive.


The finished result using Pure Water is perfectly crystal clear, smear-free glass.


Reduces disturbance and protects the privacy of the buildings occupants.


No chemicals are used, only pure water.


No more ladder marks in your garden or marks on your window sill with ladders resting up against them.


Windows can now be reached that previously could not with traditional methods. i.e above conservatory roofs.